Lucknow’s Multi-Speciality Hospital Organic Traffic Increases by 197% with Multi-Channel Marketing.

- About

Multi-Speciality Hospital.

The Medical Centre is a leading multi-specialty hospital situated in the heart of Lucknow. Renowned for its team of highly skilled doctors and comprehensive suite of medical services, the medical center caters to a wide range of healthcare needs.

From cardiology and neurology to pediatrics and orthopedics, it prioritizes patient well-being and utilizes advanced technology to deliver exceptional care.

The Objective.

We have recognized the potential of attracting new patients through a robust online presence for the multi-specialty hospital. Their goals included:

  • Improve website ranking.
  • Increase new users.
  • Increase Organic Traffic.

- The Challenges

Challanges the Medical Centre Faced.

Below are the major challenges that had to be addressed and worked upon when formulating and implementing strategies for the multi-specialty hospital.

  • Paginated Content Duplication: Duplicate content can occur across paginated product listings, hindering SEO performance.
  • Misconfigured Product Schema: Incorrect product schema markup can confuse search engines and impact search results.
  • “404” Errors on Service Pages: Websites with unavailable pages displaying “404” errors (page not found) can frustrate users and negatively impact user experience (UX).
  • Inconsistent Breadcrumb Navigation: Inaccurate breadcrumb structures, like the same page appearing multiple times, can confuse users and search engines about product hierarchy.

- The Solution

Implemented Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies.

We tackled the identified roadblocks with a two-pronged approach:

Focused on Technical SEO: Through a comprehensive website audit, we meticulously checked over 250 technical points manually and with tools. We prioritized addressing critical technical issues to enhance our website’s SEO friendliness, leading to improved site performance and increased organic sessions.

Rich Content Development: Content is the most important factor in SEO. Recognizing a content gap on the website, Crawl Math focused on creating content that catered to both users and search engines. This involved targeting long-tail keywords and ensuring readability.

Contextual Link Building: During the audit, we identified internal linking opportunities and recommended and implemented internal linking strategies to enhance our internal linking structure and facilitate better crawling for search engine bots.

- The Result

The Results We Achieved for the Medical Center.

After implementing the strategies mentioned above, we have achieved remarkable results for the Medical Centre’s website:

  • 197% Increase in organic sessions.
  • 13+ keywords got the ranking in the top 3 positions.
  • 247.6% increase in new users.
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