Mumbai-Based IVF Doctor Got 766.67% Growth on Her Website Organic Traffic.

- About the Doctor

Mumbai-Based IVF Doctor.

The IVF doctor is a highly respected and renowned specialist based in Mumbai. With a distinguished career and a commitment to personalized patient care, she is counted among the leading figures in India’s fertility treatment landscape.

However, her online presence wasn’t quite mirroring her stellar reputation

The Objective (Need):

The IVF doctor has major website issues as well as local pack optimization issues. We have the following objectives:

  • Improve Organic Ranking
  • Increase Organic Leads
  • Improve Website and Blog Traffic
  • To Fix Major Website Issues

- The Challenges

Encountered These Challanges.

When we first partnered with the IVF doctor, we encountered several hurdles that were hindering her online visibility:

  • Duplicate Google Business Profiles (GBPs): Multiple, inaccurate GBP profiles diluted the IVF doctor’s online presence and confused potential patients.
  • Website Content Consistency Issues: A separate website with identical content to the IVF doctor’s main website created duplicate content penalties and limited SEO potential.
  • Inconsistent Social Media Presence: While social media profiles existed, there was a lack of engaging content and consistency in posting, missing out on valuable patient interaction opportunities.
  • Blog Content Quality Concerns: Existing blog content lacked the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) necessary to rank well and provide valuable information for users.
  • Website Migration Mishap: During a website migration initiated by the client’s side, a technical error resulted in a significant loss of valuable website data, including content, meta descriptions, images, internal linking structure, and keyword rankings. This significantly impacted organic traffic and online visibility.

- The Solution

The Custom Marketing Plan We Implemented.

We implemented a multi-pronged strategy to address these challenges:

  • GBP Consolidation: We identified and removed all duplicate GBP profiles, ensuring a single, accurate, and optimized profile for the IVF doctor.
  • Content Consolidation and Optimization: We consolidated the duplicate website content onto the main website, optimizing it for relevant keywords and search intent.
  • Revamped Social Media Strategy: We developed a comprehensive social media strategy, creating engaging and informative content on platforms popular with potential patients. This fostered a sense of community and trust.
  • Content Creation Revamp: We created high-quality, informative, and trustworthy blog content aligned with EAT principles. This content addressed patient concerns, established her expertise, and improved search rankings.
  • Fast Recovery from Website Migration Error: We conducted a daily analysis of website performance and SEO metrics to identify and swiftly rectify any issues caused by the migration error. Through meticulous work, we restored valuable data and regained previous high rankings within a short timeframe.

- The Result

The Results We Achieved for the IVF doctor.

>> The website skyrocketed from 350 to 3,000 organic visitors monthly! That’s a massive 766.67% increase in organic traffic, opening the doors to a flood of potential patients.

>> Blog posts consistently clinch the top 1-3 positions for key fertility treatment keywords in Mumbai, even snatching Google Featured Snippets. This means the IVF doctor’s expertise is front and center, boosting user trust and website visibility.

>> Confirmed with the client for the leads. While we can’t reveal exact numbers due to privacy, the dramatic increase in website traffic and top search rankings strongly suggests a significant rise in new patient inquiries.

>> The website’s engagement rate has also seen a significant boost of a whopping 47% increase.

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