Generated 5,684+ Calls for West Bengal's Eye Care Hospital in Just 3 Months.

- About the Hospital

Eye Care Hospital in West Bengal.

The eye care hospital isn’t an average eye care hospital. This Kolkata-based eye care hospital has a team of highly skilled ophthalmologists across two locations, offering a comprehensive suite of eye care services.

From cataracts to pediatric ophthalmology, it has the expertise to address all your eye care needs. But despite its stellar reputation, its online presence wasn’t quite capturing the attention it deserved.

- What the client wanted!

The Objective (Need):

After communication, here are the following marketing objectives:

  • Improve Organic Website Ranking.
  • Improve GBP profile for Local Pack Ranking.
  • Increase Website and GBP Leads.
  • Increase Organic Traffic.
  • Improve Reputation and Generate Positive Online Reviews.

- The Challenges

After Auditing the Project, We Encountered These Challanges.

When we first audited the eye care hospital’s online presence, its digital marketing strategy wasn’t laser-focused on attracting new patients through search engines. Their website wasn’t optimized to convert potential prospects into appointment-booking patients.

It was missing out on a massive pool of potential patients actively searching for eye care services online. Additionally, their online presence lacked the authority and credibility that would convince search engines like Google that the hospital was a true specialist in eye healthcare.

- The Solution

The Marketing Strategies We Implemented.

We knew the eye care hospital had the potential to dominate the online eye care space in West Bengal. To bridge the gap, we implemented a data-driven SEO strategy.

Keyword Targeting: We conducted in-depth keyword research to identify the exact search terms people in Kolkata were using to find eye care specialists. With this intel, we optimized its website content and structure to rank higher for those golden keywords.

High-Quality Content Creation: We weren’t just about keywords. We crafted high-quality, informative content that addressed the eye care concerns of its target audience. This content not only boosted its SEO but also established it as a thought leader in the Kolkata eye care scene.

Building Backlink Authority: We understood that Google values websites that are seen as authorities in their niche. To establish its expertise, we secured backlinks from high-quality, relevant websites in the eye healthcare industry. These backlinks acted like votes of confidence from other trusted sources, signaling to Google that it was a credible and valuable resource for eye care information.

Local Pack/GBP Optimization: We knew that many potential patients would be searching for eye care specialists near them. So, we optimized its Google Business Profile, ensuring it had accurate and up-to-date information, high-quality photos showcasing its facilities, and positive patient reviews. This helped it appear prominently in the coveted Google Local Pack, the map, and business listings that appear at the top of local search results.

- The Result

The Results We Achieved for the Eye Care Hospital.

The results we achieved for the eye care hospital were nothing short of phenomenal. In just 3 months, our Online Reputation Management, SEO, and Google Business Profile optimization strategy turned its online presence into an excellent patient acquisition.

Here’s the results we got:

  • Its Google Business Profile generated a staggering 5,684 calls directly.
  • Within 2 months, the eye care hospital secured top-ranking positions for over 20+ keywords.
  • Organic traffic skyrocketed by a whopping 323.42%.
  • Generated over 800+ positive reviews.
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