Grows Online Presence and Got a 75% Increase in Website Leads and 121% Phone Calls.

- About the Hospital

Leading Ayurvedic Hospital in Telangana.

It’s a leading Ayurvedic hospital in Telangana, renowned for its traditional healing practices and commitment to patient well-being.

For generations, they’ve offered a unique blend of time-tested treatments and modern healthcare, establishing themselves as a trusted name in Ayurveda. They have a total of 5 branches all over Telangana.

- What the client wanted!

The Objective.

The Ayurvedic hospital set out with the goal of establishing an organic presence on SERPs. To make this a reality, the following objectives were laid down:

  • Improve Organic Ranking
  • Increase Organic Click Share
  • Improve Sessions

- The Challenges

The Ayurvedic Hospital was Facing These Challanges.

Despite its reputation, the Ayurvedic hospital faced a challenge in establishing long-term relevance in the local market. While renowned, the brand needed to bolster its local visibility to attract new audiences and readers. Here’s what we discovered:

Limited Online Visibility: Potential patients struggled to find it online, hindering brand awareness and patient acquisition.

Inaccurate Google Business Profile (GBP): Outdated or missing information on their GBP profile created confusion and missed opportunities for patient calls and website visits.

Website Content Gaps: The website lacked content addressing patients’ specific needs and concerns, impacting search engine ranking and user engagement.

Uninformative Content & Titles: Existing website content wasn’t optimized for search engines and lacked details on Ayurvedic treatments. Titles and meta descriptions weren’t compelling or informative, discouraging potential patients from clicking through to the website.

- The Solution

The Custom Healthcare Marketing Strategies We Implemented.

  • Optimizing Google Business Profile: We claimed and optimized the Ayurvedic hospital’s GBP profile, ensuring accurate information, high-quality photos, and positive patient reviews were readily available to potential patients searching online.
  • Content Creation for Ayurvedic Wellness: We developed informative and engaging website content that addressed common Ayurvedic concerns and showcased its unique treatment approach. This content was optimized for search engines, making it easier for potential patients to find it online. This content aimed to not only educate and engage users but also establish it as a trusted source of information on Ayurveda.
  • Building Trust & Engagement: A social media strategy connected with potential patients on popular platforms. By sharing informative content and highlighting patient success stories, we fostered trust and brand awareness for the Ayurvedic hospital.
  • Enhancing User Experience with Informative Content: We have revamped the Ayurvedic hospital’s website content to prioritize user experience and search engine optimization.
    • Content Gap Analysis: We identified areas lacking informative content, particularly on key treatment pages and the footer section.
    • Targeted Content Creation: We created fresh content relevant to Ayurvedic treatments, addressing user concerns and incorporating elements like “top searches,” “tables,” and “top categories.” Engaging visuals and internal linking further enhanced user experience and SEO value.
    • User-Centric Approach: Content was written from a patient’s perspective, ensuring the right tone and message. This resulted in increased website traffic and content value due to the detailed explanations of Ayurvedic practices.
  • Implementation of Schema Markup: To improve user experience and search engine visibility, we implemented various schema types:
    • FAQ Schema: Addressed user queries directly on search results pages, leading to a higher click-through rate (CTR) for relevant keywords.
    • Improved Titles & Meta Descriptions: Optimized titles and meta descriptions with relevant keywords, special offers, and strong calls to action (CTAs), making the Ayurvedic hospital’s website listings more appealing on search engine results pages.

- The Result

The Results We Achieved for the Ayurvedic Hospital.

Within a short timeframe, the Ayurvedic hospital witnessed significant growth:

  • Increased Website Leads by 75%.
  • GBP Call Increased by 121%.
  • 80% Increase in Organic Traffic.
  • 34.3% Increase in Engagement rate.
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